about the colegio

Rev. Fr. Teodulo Cajigal, OP

The late Rev. Fr. Teodulo Cajigal, OP, a Spanish Dominican priest who spent the best years of his life in Manaoag and who chose to die and be buried in this rustic and quiet town, used to go around through its small streets distributing candies and coins to little children. That was his way of showing great affection to people of Manaoag. The people, especially the children loved him dearly in return. Later, the good Fr. Cajigal decided to give children more than just the perishable candies and coins by providing them something that will last a lifetime and which would make a difference for their future and that of the town: education. It was then that the Academy was born.

Where It All Began: The Academy

The Holy Rosary Academy of Manaoag was founded in 1947 by Rev. Fr. Teodulo Cajigal, OP with the primary purpose of providing the children of Manaoag with Catholic education. This institution started only as an elementary school. However, when another building was completed in 1949, a complete high school course offering was made possible. The government granted the school official recognition in 1951. In 1952, the first high school commencement exercises were held.

The convent of the Dominican Fathers was initially located within the school campus. In 1954, when a new building was completed at the opposite site of the Church, the convent of the Dominican Fathers was relocated there. The vacancy of the former convent made possible the segregation of the high school boys and girls. The former remained in the old high school building while the latter began to hold their classes in the vacated building.

Both schools were managed for a decade by Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception assisted by a staff of lay teachers. The Dominican Fathers helped in the teaching of religion and in the religious activities. When the contract with the Franciscan Sisters expired in 1975, the Dominican Daughters of the Immaculate Mother took over the Administration Ofthe School. After a year, the DDIM Sisters adopted for the school a non-graded, open system of education patterned after the Angelicum School of Quezon City, another institution run by the Dominican Fathers.

In 1982, the Dominican Fathers took over the administration of the school from the Dominican Daughters of the Immaculate Mother. However, due to the growing demands of the apostolate of the Shrine and Parish of Our Lady of Manaoag, the Fathers entrusted the management of the school to the Congregation of Religious Missionaries of Saint Dominic. The Dominican Missionary Sisters began their stint in the Academy in 1991.

A Leap Forward: The College

To be of greater service to the local community, the Board of Trustees of the Holy Rosary Academy, with Rev. Fr. Quirico Pedregosa, OP as Chairman, decided in July 2000 to offer collegiate courses in the school. It was also decided on that same date that the name of the institution will be changed to Our Lady of Manaoag College. That very same year, the Provincial Council of the Dominican Province of the Philippines confirmed the decision of the Board of Trustees. The decisions made by the concerned authorities fits very well with the original vision of the late Fr. Cajigal to provide educational opportunities that will make a difference in the lives and the future of the people of Manaoag and the nearby localities.

Rev. Fr. Patricio A. Apa, OP, incumbent prior of Our Lady of Rosary Priory and Sr. Ma. Corazon R. Moraza, OP worked for the approval of the College by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). In 2001, the Commission on Higher Education granted the institution a permit to offer collegiate courses in the Arts and Humanities, Education, Business and Computer Education.

Likewise, the Technical Skills Development Authority (TESDA) granted the institution a permit to offer vocational courses such as Computer Programming, Computer Secretarial and Computer Technology.

The institution started operating as Our Lady of Manaoag College in June 2001. The TESDA Programs received its Government Recognition on the same year, 2001.

Government Recognition for the College Courses

Sr. Ma. Lorenza S. Sajul, OP continued the worked of Sr. Ma. Corazon R. Moraza, OP on obtaining its Government Recognition. The first course that received its Government Recognition is the Bachelor of Science in Commerce on May 2004 this was followed by the courses Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, both courses received its Government Recognition on June 2004. In the following year, after working hard on the demands of its requirements for Government Recognition the two Courses – Bachelor of Secondary Education and the Bachelor of Elementary Education received its Government Recognition on April 2005.

Integration to Letran System:

In the 10th Acts of the Provincial Chapter of the Dominican Province of the Philippines held on April 10-30, 2012 at the Priory of Our Lady of the Rosary Manaoag, Pangasinan, the Chapter decided to align their schools into two (2) traditions: UST Tradition and Letran Tradition. The DPPI, after much deliberation decided that Our Lady of Manaoag College will be under the Letran group. Hence, the name of the school was changed to Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Manaoag. After the MOA signing with the other Letran Institutions on August 8, 2014 and the approval of the school’s Board of Trustees on Sept 6, 2014, Our Lady of Manaoag College has become officially Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Manaoag. Its new name was officially launched on October 3, 2014.


Thus, we are committed to propagate the Gospel values based on a Christian formation that is authentically Catholic, distinctly Filipino, truly Dominican and characterized by a strong devotion to the Blessed Mother. Likewise, we are committed to develop ourselves into God-fearing, patriotic, community-oriented and nature loving individuals, with a solid background in science and technology balanced by a sufficient exposure to the arts and humanities.


We, the students, academic and non-academic personnel and alumni of Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Manaoag (former Our Lady of Manaoag College) strive to become a Christian community who looks at Mary as our Mother and Model and, molded with her virtues and the hunger forTruth, serves God and the Church and helps the country to grow towards peace, progress and prosperity.


  1. To ensure the formation of students, administrators, academic and non-academic personnel and alumni in Christian life by instilling in them spiritual and moral virtues and encouraging them to practice concrete acts of charity through service to their fellow human beings.

  2. To propel the progress of nation through research and development of skills and aptitudes required by economic and industrial advancement

  3. To help ensure that progress reaches the countryside and poorest sectors of the country by forming the students according to the demand of social justice.

  4. To adopt the findings and inventions of science and technology to the local situation in a manner that is not destructive of people and environment.

  5. To help define and refine the Filipino culture by consistent exposure to the humanities and exhibition of the arts with a view of allowing the students to produce artistic works.