Employees’ Frolics 2022: A Showcase of One’s Gifts

Employees’ Frolics 2022: A Showcase of One’s Gifts

By: Francis Aura D. Lim

Aside from being good at their jobs, the employees of Letran Manaoag from all departments were skilled on stage. On December 7, 2022, at the Pilgrim’s Center, Manaoag, Pangasinan, an Employees’ Frolics was held, with every student encouraged to watch.

In the years 2017 and 2019, Faculty Frolics were initially held where the faculty, parents, and students were the ones to perform. This time, however, the Employees’ Frolics included all the institution’s workers from every department. With Rev. Fr. Francis Borre, OP, as the stage director, Ms. Julieta Palma as the floor director, and Ms. Anabelle Oca as the committee chairman, the employees practiced and prepared for their show from the 17th of October up to the 6th of December. In order not to disturb their classes, the employees set their practice times after classes each day, and they would even prepare until 10 in the evening. As they gave their best with hard work and dedication, they were finally ready to perform on the last day of rehearsals.

Before the start of the program, students and other people who acquired tickets for the event registered outside of the venue before entering. When things were settled and everyone was seated, the Employee’s Frolics officially started at 6:00 p.m. with Miss Irene P. Del Campo as the Master of Ceremonies, where she warmly welcomed and hyped up the audience. With everything said, the national anthem was sung with a video presentation, and the show started right after.

Various performances and acts were executed by every employee of Letran Manaoag. Meanwhile, the audience gave cheers and yells to support the people performing before them at the time. Marvelous acts of singing, dancing, acting, and other forms of entertainment were shown by the employees, making the show and all the employees’ efforts worthwhile. After the show, every employee gathered and filled up the stage as they gave thanks to everybody. Rev. Fr. Stephen R. Redillas, OP, walked up to the stage to give his heartwarming message to everyone present, especially to the employees who performed. Before the event came to an end, a raffle was held with various materials and monetary prizes as a way for Letran Manaoag to show their gratitude to those who came and watched.

The employees may work in departments different from each other, but there were things in common among them: skills and hard work. The show would not have been possible without their commitment to putting on a show worth seeing.